Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Rose

This is a story told by Matt Chandler about love. Not the normal, lovey-dovey, wordly definition of love, but agape love-love from the Creator of this universe, Jesus Christ. I've heard it several times, but my college minister at Montevallo shared it with us tonight in worship, and I absolutely love it, so I thought I'd share...

Matt had recently met a girl in class that had been struggling with purity. Him and some friends were trying to get to know her and serve her through the group. He found out about a band that was coming in town, and so he figured it would be wonderful fellowship. So they're sitting at the concert and the speaker gets up and begins an illustration by taking out a beautiful red rose and passing it around the arena. By the time it made its way back to the speaker, everyone had touched it, smelled it, and in turn, tarnished it in some way. The speaker picked up the rose and said, "Now who would want this rose? Who would want this dirty, broken rose that everyone has touched?" Matt said it took all he had in him not to stand up and shout, "JESUS WANTS THE ROSE! HE WANTS THE ROSE! He wants the rose..."

You can watch it here:

So whether you're torn, battered, bruised, crushed under a heavy weight, or you just don't feel worthy enough for the call, remember Jesus wants the rose.

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