Sunday, November 7, 2010

Free Falling

"So Christ has truly set us free.
Now make sure that you stay free,
and don't get tied up again in slavery to the law."
Galatians 5:1

I am free to ignore the world's lies of beauty. The ones that tell me that I must dress immodestly and without class to get a man's attention. The One who made the warm sunrise and the multicolored fishes of the sea calls me beautiful. It's incomprehensible to me. What could compare?

I am free to tune out the whispers of self-consciousness telling me that I'm not good enough. That I must do more, say more, be more. That in order for me to get a guy that meets all my standards, I must be the "perfect" example of a Christian. Or even more, the whispers that tell me my standards are too high, and they will never be fulfilled. We all fail, every second of every day, so perfection should not even be in our word bank to describe ourselves-or others for that matter. It's impossible. However, He is perfect, and the path He is leading me down has the perfect rainbows I need to see and the perfect obstacles I need to conquer.

I am free to not be upset when things don't work out as planned, or things don't go my way. When I have no control of a situation and fight everything in me to be patient and trust. When I try to do things myself, Christ becomes "of no value" to me, I fall away from grace, and I lose hope.

I am free of being deceived by lies, insincerity, and the unknown. We have been given a spirit of discernment (Phil. 1:9-11) to protect us from heartbreak, deception, and suspiciousness.

I am free to sing at the top of my lungs even the most horrible of noises, knowing that I was given my voice and tongue to please my Father, not mere men. Insecurities and second-guessing can be wiped away, remembering the reason for our gifts. Because Your love is better than life my lips shall praise You.

Although I have been given freedom from the things of this world, and freedom from Satan's terrible lies, so very often I still live in slavery to them.

I want to freely fall in love with Him. Lord, please push me.


  1. "I want to freely fall in love with Him. Lord, please push me."

    Great line. We missed you this weekend.

  2. You are wise beyond your years.