Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DR Day 3

Today we went to a village called Monte Cristy to do medical missions again.  We saw around 160 patients today, and even though that was a good bit less than yesterday, I think we were able to diagnose and treat with better quality.  Many children had scabies and chicken pox, while many adults had reflux or high blood pressure.  The worst incident today was a lady whose blood pressure was over 400.  She also said she couldn’t sleep and was so anxious. We asked her why, and she told us that she didn’t have a job and couldn’t provide for her son.  A summer-long theme for me has been “Anything is possible with God,” so I encouraged our translator, Lucio, (aka the man!) to share the Gospel with her and discuss our “anything is possible with God” attitude. She just began to weep. We made sure she attended the evangelism part of our care, and I really hope she found the strength in Christ that she needed.

By this time, I absolutely love every person on our team, and am beginning to make really good friends with many of them.  I know these friendships will be lasting, and I look forward to the encouragement and accountability I will receive from them to make sure I don’t forget what God did in the DR. 

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