Tuesday, November 1, 2011

imperfection is beauty

you see i have this problem with not writing things because i think that everything has to have a perfect flow or a perfect phrasing and i get so caught up in the imperfections that it gets incredibly hard for me to finish well im writing this with so many flaws and grammar errors that its driving me nuts right now but i cant stop and put an apostrophe or a comma or a period because that would be me fixing an imperfection and not allowing myself to break this mold and fascad of perfection the truth is that i started this day studying about jesuss first miracle when he turned the water to wine the jars of water that he changed were filthy water jars used for ceremonial cleansing that he changed completely from the inside out and the jars werent cleaned before no they were completely dirty and jesus changed them into the best wine just like he changes us everyday into what will someday be the best wine and we dont have to prove ourselves to him or clean oursleves up before coming to him because really all we have to be each day is a dirty water jar thats waiting to be changed and used to distribute gods glory and grace to anyone who wants to take a drink no pressure for perfection thats all on the perfect savior and he can handle it thank you jesus

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